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Ask The Expert

Earth Garden Care’s expert Ross gives some tips for the garden

Follow these 5 steps and you should always have great looking hedges:

  1. Feed me Seymour! The first step as always, is to make sure that your soil is healthy. If in any doubt, add plenty of rich organic compost. Don’t skimp on this part (actually that’s number 3’s point).
  2. Choose the right plant. Ask your local nursery for advice, or better still hire a garden coach who can give you a more complete picture after having looked at your garden. Do research. Look at the suggestions given in books, and look at what plants are making great hedges in your area.
  3. Don’t skimp. That’s good advice when addressing any soil problems, as well as working out how many plants you’re going to need. Trust the experts advice about how close to plant. Too close, and the plants are competing for space in the soil, too far apart and you’ll have a very sparse hedge with a lot of gaps.
  4. A pruning lapse leaves bigger gaps. Don’t be fooled into leaving your hedge to grow to the height you want it before cutting it back. Start pruning it back in the first month or two, and repeat a light pruning every few months during the growing season. It may take longer to reach the height you’re wanting, but with regular pruning, the plants send out more lateral branches, and will fill the gaps in-between much better. The last thing you want is to have a fully grown hedge with big gaps at the bottom, that you can do nothing about.
  5. Feed regularly.
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